Leasing & Rental Now Available in Austin

Volvo Truck Leasing System LogoMack Truck Leasing System LogoLeasing options include the Mack and Volvo full product lines, custom spec’d to meet the needs of any application.  Daycabs, Sleepers, Wet Kits, Roll-offs, Mixers or Dump Trucks; we can do it all.

The rental fleet includes Volvo and Mack Daycabs, some with Wet Kits, as well as Roll-offs.  We also have Sleepers coming soon.

Have you considered Leasing?

Before you use your available cash or borrow to finance your next capital equipment purchase, think about the benefits of a FULL-SERVICE LEASE.

  • COVER ALL EQUIPMENT COST.  No need to obtain financing elsewhere.
  • CONSERVE WORKING CAPITAL.  Cash is not tied up in equipment. It is free for income-producing investments.
  • PRESERVE BANK LINES.  Credit remains available for other needs.
  • SAVE ON TAXES.  You save initially because leasing costs come out of “Before-Tax Dollars”, not “After-Tax Profits.”
  • SIMPLIFY ACCOUNT & DEPRECIATION RECORDS.  Leasing costs are tax-deductible.
  • AVOID RAPID OBSOLESCENCE.  The most modem equipment is always available and Updating is easy
  • FIGHT INFLATION.  Lease costs remain the same, no matter how much interest rates change. You pay for today’s needs with tomorrow’s dollars.
  • KEEP EQUITY INTACT.  There is no need to issue stock or sell part of the company to raise the necessary capital.
  • EXPAND, REPLACE EQUIPMENT SOONER.  Since no capital investment is involved, expansion and replacement of equipment may happen more quickly.
  • SIMPLIFY FORECASTING.  You know exactly what your transportation costs will be, therefore making forecasting simple and easy.

For more information about Leasing and Rental in Austin, contact Webb Fox.

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