Mack Trucks is bringing out a new version of their mDrive automated transmissions. This version adds left and right dual PTO options for highway and vocational trucks, giving customers and body manufacturers more flexibility when fitting equipment.

 This PTO option is offered on three models from Mack Trucks: the highway-focused Anthem, the heavy-duty Pinnacle, and the dump bed/mixer Granite. The dual PTOs are fitted to 12, 13, and 14-speed mDrive automated transmissions in these truck lines.

 Mack construction manager Tim Wrinkle told Work Trucks Online having left, and right dual PTOs allows hydraulic equipment to run on both sides of the vehicle. This makes it easier to run multiple PTOs, increasing the space available for installation.

 The dual PTO is offered with clutched adapters using either DIN or SAE flanges. The PTOs on both sides of these automated transmissions turn counter-clockwise, and the flange adapters are interchangeable. This makes the transmission compatible with most existing power takeoff systems. It also lets bodybuilders run pump-powered equipment along both sides of the truck frame, adding flexibility and improving access for repairs and maintenance.

 Mack Trucks fits each side of the system with air solenoids to turn the PTOs on and off independently. The company offers the system with two direct-mount pumps from the factory and options for retrofitting other systems. This mDrive transmission is built to work with Mack’s MP engines and axles. By using a design that takes the entire drivetrain and powertrain into account, these components reduce the overall cost of ownership.