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Share the Road, and Workforce Heroes are two annual programs of The American Trucking Association(ATA). Mack Trucks is happy to announce its sponsorship of both programs in 2022 and has been a Share the Road program sponsor for 21 years. Plus, this is the third year the company has supported Workforce Heroes. Three years and counting!

A Mission to Educate the Public

The Share the Road program provides guidance to the public regarding safe travel on the roads alongside heavy-duty trucks. The Workforce Heroes program assists our country’s veterans in starting a fruitful career in the trucking field.

Learning With the Mack Anthem

Mack Trucks’ considerable support includes donating a Mack Anthem 70-inch Stand Up sleeper model to each of these programs. These models possess electronic stability control and collision mitigation technologies that increase fleet safety. Mack Road Stability Advantage is just one of the technologies leading to fleet safety.

Experienced Drivers Support Share the Road

The dedicated truck drivers who participate in the program contribute to fleet safety. How? They’ve racked up one million-plus mile without an accident! The drivers use Mack Anthem models to show the differences between the operations of a heavy-duty truck and the typical car. Blind spots and stopping distance are just two topics covered by the drivers. Each of these models has 505 horsepower in their 13-liter Mack MP8 505C engine. Also, the engines have 1,860lb.-ft. Of torque and a 12-speed Mack automated manual transmission. Since October 2020, 2,500 plus public members have attended 210 Share the Road events.

Workforce Heroes Going Strong

The Mack Anthem used in the Workforce Heroes program features a camouflage design to tribute veterans. This model has a 415 horsepower Mack MP8 HE-415SE engine. It also has 1,660lbs.-ft. Of torque and a Mack mDrive automated manual transmission.

The Mack Anthem model and the drivers visit military bases, schools, and career fairs to answer questions and share their experiences. Since October 2020, there have been 45 Workforce Heroes programs attended by over 950 individuals.