Vanguard Truck Full Service Lease delivers total satisfaction and gives you a strategic advantage over other leasing companies: a direct tie to the OEM. This means we know the vehicles we lease, inside and out.

Vanguards Full Service Lease is a tool that can accelerate your success.

Full Service Benefits

  • All your equipment costs are covered. From financing to maintenance to residual risk
  • Focus on your core business
  • Free up working capital. Don’t keep it tied up in equipment
  • Keep your credit available for other operating expenses
  • Leasing costs come out of before-tax dollars, and are tax deductible
  • Multiple expenses are combined into a single, cost effective payment
  • Always drive the latest, most advanced trucks
  • Take advantage of the latest technology trends and innovation

Customized to your operations; providing unmatched flexibility in terms of vehicle selection, specifications, and services tailored to maximizing your overall transportation value and increasing your fleet’s up time like no other provider.

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