Maintaining commercial vehicles is a complex and time-consuming process. Vanguard’s contract maintenance determines maintenance costs in advance – by creating a program that’s custom-tailored to your application.

If you operating a truck in a severe service application, you’ll have different maintenance needs than someone running on highway, over the road. Contract maintenance makes it easier to budget and forecast by projecting what your costs will be, and Vanguard offers a variety of programs, ranging from preventative to guaranteed.

Program Benefits

  • Qualified, trained technicians
  • Decreased focus on hiring and training
  • Increased up time
  • Reduced capital investments in tools and equipment
  • Predictable costs

Contract maintenance eliminates warranty hassles and high-cost repairs and significantly reduces the overhead of operating your own shop, recruiting, hiring and training technicians.

Our extensive fleet experience makes us experts at maximizing productivity while minimizing operational costs and downtime.

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