Fleet charging has become an important service in recent years as more and more trucks have come to rely on electric motors. While electric vehicle adoption has still lagged in the heavy-duty truck sector, the transition from diesel to electric has slowly been moving forward as more prominent names in the industry have taken the lead.

Amply Power, a leader in fleet charging and charging-as-a-service, knows the value of power availability better than most. The company has recently partnered with Volvo Trucks North America to bring innovative ideas to life and determine how well a scalable charging solution will work alongside fleet management.

Volvo Trucks North America utilizes its Innovation Lab to collaborate with Amply Power on a project spanning both coasts of North America. Amply and Volvo Trucks North America is testing new ideas to provide power to heavy-duty trucks and other fleet vehicles through the Innovation Lab. This collaboration involves Manhattan Beer Distributors as the testing partner supplying data and feedback.

Benefits for Business, Benefits for Investors

Aside from testing innovative charging solutions for heavy-duty trucks, the collaboration is also meant to demonstrate how trucking and Silicon Valley can jointly benefit tech startups and traditional industry. For business, the results of such partnerships can mean new services for customers, and for investors and shareholders, positive results from Innovation Lab projects can mean increased earnings.

Working Toward a Sustainable Future

Sustainability is also an essential aspect of Amply’s involvement with Volvo. Electric vehicle technology aims to deliver affordable power solutions while also reducing dependence on fossil fuels and energy sources that lead to pollutants. This is especially beneficial for the trucking industry as diesel engines have come under increased scrutiny in recent decades.

Infrastructure Planning and Testing

During the collaboration between Amply and Volvo, both companies are also testing to determine infrastructure needs to roll out charging solutions on a large-scale platform. One of the more complex aspects of selling the adoption of electric vehicles and associated technologies is the availability of charging stations. Amply provides charging-as-a-service solutions that may make it easier to access remote energy sources while on the move.

Amply utilizes its OMEGA software platform to prioritize charging across fleet management requirements as part of the infrastructure evaluation process. This approach can streamline charging operations and scale fleet charging needs as heavy-duty trucks and other vehicles are added to or taken out of service.